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Mamba Monster X 8S, 33.6V ESC
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Mamba Monster X 8S, 33.6V ESC

Product #: 010-0165-00


With the introduction of the MAMBA MONSTER X 8S any R/C vehicle weighing up to 25lbs, and running up to 8S LiPo, is fair game. Drive fearlessly and punch that throttle! The MAMBA MONSTER X 8S utilizes Castle’s breakthrough technology CRYO-DRIVE™.  By reducing the rate at which the ESC heats up and removing heat more efficiently, your setup will be able to handle higher gear ratios, in heavier vehicles, with longer runs.  These software advancements work in parallel with a unique open housing design to allow increased directional airflow to cool critical components. With the integration of a 40mm cooling fan and a forged elliptical fin heatsink, the design maximizes airflow throughout the system, taking thermal performance to a whole new level.

High-performance demands high quality and this ESC was designed with durability in mind. Constructed around a robust aluminum casing, the epoxy potting guarantees protection around the circuitry and ensures all-weather use. Mamba Monster X 8S is a workhorse, it will dominate in the harshest of environments.

You can easily optimize the ESC for any driving condition, from rugged terrain to smooth pavement to the perils of rock and gravel. Create, save and download setup profiles through the Castle Link Programming Suite on your Windows™ PC, or wirelessly with the convenience of the new B-Link™ Bluetooth™ Adapter and Castle Link app for Android or iOS. 

Additional tuning flexibility awaits you with on-the-fly adjustments from your transmitter via the Auxiliary wire. Simply connect the white signal wire to an open radio channel, and enable the feature in Castle Link by selecting what Auxiliary function you would like to use. Access programming parameters such as Torque Control, Max Brake or Rock Race Mode. Optimize your vehicle for any racing or bashing application you can imagine!

When paired with a Castle 4-POLE 12-SLOT SENSORED MOTOR such as the 2028-800KV or 1515-2200KV, users with heavy, high speed rigs will experience controllable low-end ranges without sacrificing power, punch or speed.  SmartSense™ mode uses the motor’s sensors to start the motor to provide smooth starts, excellent torque, and low-speed drivability. Once the motor is spinning, it seamlessly transitions to Castle’s ultra-efficient sensorless mode. You’ll put more power to the ground, where it should be, instead of wasting it through raw heat and RPMs.

 Whether you are burning out, dropping the hammer, trigger happy, powering out, on-the rocks, off-the-rocks, wheeling or mud bogging - MAMBA MONSTER X 8S is ready to test the limits of your R/C car or truck.


  • Input Voltage Range 2S-8S LiPo
  • Sensorless, Sensored and SmartSense™ Running Modes
  • Powerful Integrated 8A Peak Adjustable BEC (5.25V-8.0V)
  • CRYO-DRIVE™ Technology minimizes the amount of time the ESC’s electrical components spend generating heat, resulting in improved thermal performance during partial throttle operation where the majority of driving occurs
  • ESC is housed in a rugged CNC aluminum case and potted in waterproof epoxy to  protect the electronics and promote efficient heat transfer
  • Premium forged heatsink with elliptical fins for superior air flow and increased heat dissipation
  • Oversized factory equipped thermally controlled 40MM cooling fan
  • Compatible with S.BUS2 Telemetry Link and Futaba T4PX and T7PX transmitters
  • Waterproof design for all weather conditions
  • Data logging capability to capture and record performance data from your vehicle
  • Auxiliary wire functionality for "on-the-fly" adjustments using your transmitter
  • Audible alerts for easy diagnosis of common issues such as motor-over-temperature and low-voltage cutoff
  • Convenient transmitter programming for six common adjustable settings including cutoff voltage and drag brake
  • Easily tune and update ESC with USB and Bluetooth™ programming options
  • Castle Link USB programming kit (coupon included with purchase)
  • Optional smartphone-based programming with the B-LINK™ Bluetooth Adapter (sold separately and Castle Link all available on Google Play or Apple App Store
  • Proudly designed and manufactured in Olathe, KS USA and backed by Castle Creations' 1-year warranty


  • Mamba Monster X 8S ESC
  • Castle Sensor Harness Adapter
  • Mamba Decals
  • Coupon for free Castle Link USB
  • ESC Quick Start Guide
  • Motor Quick Start Guide

Note: This is not a direct replacement to the Mamba XLX2. The XLX2 still handles rawer full throttle power in the most extreme setups.

Castle X Series Drivers Guide
Mamba Monster X 8S Quick Start
 Motor Quick Start
SMARTSENSE™ Technology
Audible Alert Reference Chart
Frequently Asked Questions

(Based on 9 vote(s))
5 review(s) | Write a review
USD $214.95 /EA
List Price: USD $262.95 /EA
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  • Waterproof : Yes
  • Telemetry Capable : Yes
  • Data Logging : Yes
  • Auxiliary Wire : Yes
  • Minimum Input Voltage : 2S
  • Maximum Input Voltage : 8S
  • Sensored Capable : Yes
  • Recon G6 Certified ESC : No
  • ROAR Certified ESC : No
  • CRYO-DRIVE : Yes
    • EA
  • Availability: Temporarily out of stock.
    Technical Specs
    Application Guidelines:
    1:6th Scale vehicles weighing up to 25 lbs
    Input Voltage Range:
    MIN: 2S LiPo, MAX: 8S LiPo 33.6V
    Running Modes:
    Sensored, Sensorless and SmartSense™ when paired with a Castle 4-POLE 12-SLOT Sensored Motor.
    Brake: Proportional
    Reversible: Yes, but may be disabled for racing.
    On/Off Switch: Yes, waterproof
    Cooling Fan: Yes, factory equipped (40mm), fully removable** (see Product Use Statements below)
    Size: L x W x H 69.5mm x 54.1mm x 49mm
    Weight (with wires): 5.75 oz. (163 grams)
    Connectors type:
    6.5mm female bullets for motor connection
    Items Needed for Operation: A high current connector designed for high-powered electric systems, rated for 120+ amps, such as Castle CC Bullet 6.5mm, CC Bullet 8.0mm, or 6.5mm Polarized Castle Connectors, soldered to the battery leads.
    Operating environment:
    Waterproof design for all weather conditions
    Fully programmable Castle feature set using Castle Link USB adapter(coupon for free link included in package) and freely downloadable Castle Link Windows software, or the Castle Link App and a B-LINK Bluetooth Adapter (sold separately).
    Telemetry Link Capable:
    Yes, with Castle Creations Telemetry Link for S.BUS2 and Futaba T4PX and T7PX Transmitters.
    Product Use Statements:
    • Recommended battery capacity for 1:6th scale vehicles is 5000mah. We recommend using 50C continuous discharge or higher LiPo batteries.
    • Surge ratings should never be used to determine a pack’s suitability for a brushless application.
    • We recommend a high current connector designed for high-powered electric systems, rated for 120+ amps, such as Castle CC Bullet 6.5mm, CC Bullet 8.0mm, or 6.5mm Polarized Castle Connectors.
    • Applying voltages higher than 33.6V will cause irreparable damage to ESC; DO NOT RUN HV CELLS (above 4.2v/cell) WHEN RUNNING AT MAX CELL COUNT (8s). This will exceed the 33.6v rating and will damage the ESC and not be covered by the warranty.
    • Although Mamba Monster X 8S is waterproof, it is not intended for operation while completely submerged in liquid. Always rinse the ESC with clean water after exposure to corrosives or dirt.
    • The cooling fan must be removed prior to driving in wet conditions. It is not waterproof.

    For support, frequently asked questions, technical documents, and more, visit our support site.

    Castle Creations, Inc. warrants this product to be free from manufacturing defects for a period of one year from date of purchase.

    This is a high power product with the potential to be very dangerous. Please read the safety information before use. This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and or birth defects or other reproductive harm.

    U.S. Patent # 7400103, 7492122, 7579796, 7740516, 8287328, 8678875, and 8905814 B2 - Other patents pending.

    Controller designed and circuit boards manufactured, in Olathe, Kansas USA.
    Controller assembled in Olathe, Kansas USA.

    Product Features
      Castle’s newest software technology, CRYO-DRIVE™ minimizes the amount of time the ESC's electrical components spend generating heat by optimally controlling which components are being used while driving the motor. This is happening thousands of times per second, which greatly reduces the rate at which the ESC heats up.  This results in significantly improved thermal performance during partial throttle operation where the majority of driving occurs. Your setup will be able to handle higher gear ratios, in heavier vehicles, with longer runs.

    When paired with a Castle 4-POLE 12-SLOT SENSORED MOTOR SmartSense™ software, enabled by default in the Castle Link Programming Suite, will use the motor’s sensors to provide smooth starts, excellent torque, and low-speed drivability.  Once the motor is turning, it seamlessly transitions to Castle’s ULTRA-EFFICIENT sensorless mode with electric timing. Smooth sensored startups and high-efficiency sensorless running makes the Mamba Monster X 8S system produce more power and less heat. QUIETSENSE™ is an innovative advancement in the design of sensored motors to deliver the highest precision and most efficient startup.

    The Mamba Monster X 8S allows “on-the-fly” adjustments to be made through the AUX wire once enabled in Castle Link. Once you have selected an AUX wire function, that setting can then be tuned from your transmitter while driving. Torque control, max throttle, max brake and drag brake adjustments are a sampling of the available modes. This real-time tuning allows you to quickly and easily fine-tune your system. . Click here for additional information.

    Enabled by default, the Monster X 8S captures and records performance data from your vehicle. This allows you to view a detailed turn-by-turn record of what your ESC actually experienced during the run. You will be able to record real-time data such as motor RPM, battery current and voltage, ESC and motor temperature, throttle input, and more. Download and analyze the collected data via Castle Link and make adjustments to maximize both performance and battery life.

    For over 20 years Castle engineers have been setting the bar for industry leading software functionality. The Castle Link Programming Suite is your ticket to creating the perfect setup. To gain access to the host of tuning parameters, simply redeem the coupon for the Castle Link adapter included with your Mamba Monster X 8S purchase and download the simple to install software from our website and you are ready to personalize your controller's settings. You can now wirelessly program your ESC with the free Castle Link Mobile App and the purchase the B-Link Bluetooth Adapter. Click here for settings overview for the Mamba Monster X 8S ESC.

    You can now WIRELESSLY PROGRAM settings with the free Castle-Link app available on the Apple App store or Google Play for Android devices and the Castle B-Link™ Bluetooth™ Adapter (sold separately). It is compact and lightweight installed in your vehicle, for anytime programming!

    Mamba Monster X 8S is telemetry ready, which means owners of Futaba T4PX or 7PX Transmitters will be able to purchase the Castle Creations Telemetry Link for S.BUS2. Real-time data such as ESC temperature, voltages, and RPM can be monitored to ensure performance advantages and spare you the “unknown” parameters that all R/C enthusiasts experience at some point. Telemetry data provides another level of protection and can increase performance.

    Housed in a rugged CNC-machined aluminum case and then potted in waterproof epoxy. This not only protects the electronics but ensures any heat generated in the controller can easily be dissipated through the case.

    Mamba Monster X 8S features Audible Alerts that will notify you, via audible chimes, of possible issues with calibrations and error conditions to help diagnose problems,

    The Mamba Monster X 8S is proudly designed and manufactured in Olathe, Kansas USA and is backed by Castle Creations’ 1-year warranty and unparalleled "make-it-right" customer support. Call us, email us, or walk in our front door – we’re here to help. Click here for additional information about our Tier 1 and Tier II warranty.

    Optional Accessories
    B-Link Bluetooth Adapter supports iOS and Android App
    Telemetry Link S.BUS
    Direct Connect Sensor Wire
    Castle Link Quick Connect (or Quick Connect Duo)
    Quick Field Programmer, Surface Version
    6.5mm Polarized Connectors-Male/Female Single Pk
    6.5mm Polarized Connectors-Male Multi-Pack
    Polarized Castle Connectors - 6.5mm Female Multi-Pack
    6.5mm Male/Female Connector Set (3ea)
    8.0mm Male/Female Connector Set (3ea)
    CC BEC 2.0 15A Max Ouput, 14S (58.8 Volts), Waterproof
    Castle Capacitor Pack, 8S MAX (35V)

    Service Parts
    RECEIVER HARNESS, X-SERIES                                                
    200mm Sensor Wire

    Average rating:
    (Based on 9 vote(s))
    Rate this product:
    Brent From United States
    Toughest esc I've ever used!
    April 2, 2022
    We do rc truck pulling and are running this esc on 8000 mah 3s with a 2.5 turn tekin 10 scale motor with a 4000 mfd cap pac. Esc data reports our passes at sustained 300 Amps, 2967 watts, and motor rpm on a pass at 91,000 rpm. We were burning up tekin rx8's and regular monster x esc's trying this with them. This esc is unreal and as other esc's fail we use will be going in their place.
    2 of 3 people found this review helpful
    Was this review helpful to you? (2) (1)
    real power
    June 6, 2021
    i have ran this esc on a 4.5 turn drag master, spectrum blx 2050kv and a 2340kv nuemotor.. LOOK this esc mamba monster 8s is outstand.... i mean this is a real monster... cant wait to see what this xlx2 is gone do on kill mode...
    1 of 1 people found this review helpful
    Was this review helpful to you? (1) (0)
    Dayzer RC From TEXAS
    November 25, 2020
    Got the motor 1717 setup Mamba Monster X 8s excellent combo thank you Castle Limitless is fast as hell 150 no problem
    1 of 1 people found this review helpful
    Was this review helpful to you? (1) (0)
    Joe Dingwerth From United States
    November 6, 2020
    The mamba monster x 8s is a great esc and definitely puts down the raw power you want and need for all styles of driving I have 3 of them all paird with a censored castle motors 1515 2200kv, 1717 1650kv & 2028 800kv and castle plugs i also have 4 other castle escs they last for a long time i definitely have no complaints i will be trying the xlx2 next
    Happy bashing ppl castle creations is where its at nothing else compares just send it ....
    1 of 1 people found this review helpful
    Was this review helpful to you? (1) (0)
    Darnell From United States
    Mamba Monster X 8s
    February 6, 2020
    This is a BAD ASS ESC!!!!!!!!!.........Thank You.
    16 of 32 people found this review helpful
    Was this review helpful to you? (16) (16)

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