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CC BEC 2.0 Waterproof Voltage Regulator

Product #: 010-0153-00

From the trusted manufacturer of BECs comes the next generation of voltage regulators. Designed and assembled in the USA1, Castle Creations’ CC BEC 2.0 gives users higher voltage ranges in two unique packages. For pilots there is a smaller, lightweight (0.7 oz.) design capable of 14 amps peak, perfect for sport flying, helicopters, and UAVs. Racers, crawlers, and other splashers can now integrate a 15-amp peak power regulator in a waterproof (WP), CNC machined, aluminum case. Both versions handle up to an impressive 14S without brake enabled or 12S with brake.

 Footnote:1. Assembled in the USA with foreign and domestic components.

BEC BEC BEC Voltage Regulator
BEC BEC BEC Voltage Regulator
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CC BEC Comparison Chart
  CC BEC 1.0
Part Number: 010-0004-00 010-0004-01 010-0154-00 010-0153-00
Common applications: Crawlers, Racing, Sport Planes, Night Flyers Helis, 1/5th Scale Cars, Giant Scale Planes, UAS Helis, Planes, UAS, Racing Crawlers, Marine, Sea Planes, UAS, Industrial
Waterproof: No No No Yes
Peak current: 10A 20A 14A (dependent upon input and output voltage) 15A (dependent upon input and output voltage)
Continuous current1: 2S-3S: 7A
4S-6S: 5A
2S-4S: 15A
5S-6S: 13A
7S-8S: 11A
9S-10S: 9A
11S-12S: 8A
4.75-7.0V output: 9A
7.25V-8.5V output: 8A
8.75V-10.0V output: 7A
10.25-12.0V output: 6A
4.75- 6.0V output: 10A
6.25-8.5V output: 9A
8.75-10.0V output: 8A
10.25-12.0V output: 7A
Max volts: 6S (25.2V) Surface: 8S (33.6V)
Air (w/Brake): 10S (42.0V)
Air (No Brake): 12S (50.4V)
Surface: 12S (50.4V)
Air (W/Brake): 12S (50.4V)
Air (No Brake): 14S (58.8V)
Surface 12S (50.4V)
Air (w/Brake): 12S (50.4V)
Air (No Brake): 14S (58.8V)
Adjustable output voltage2: 4.8 to 9V 4.9 to 12.5V 4.75 to 12V 4.75 to 12V
Default setting: 5.1V 5.1V 5.25V 5.25V
Length: 1.7" (43mm)
1.86" (47mm) 1.69" (43mm) 1.37" (35mm)
Width: 0.57" (15mm)
1.30" (33mm) 0.56" (14mm) 0.69" (18mm)
Height: 0.48" (12mm) 0.86" (22mm) 0.32" (8mm) 0.75" (19mm)
Weight3: 0.53 oz. (15.2g) 1.4 oz. (40g) 0.7 oz. (21g) 1.0 oz. (28g)


1. Ratings are determined with a 5mph airflow at 25° C (77° F). Ratings for CC BEC 2.0 are dependent on both input and output voltage as follows:

CC BEC 2.0 WP (010-0153-00) Peak Current Rating Detail
  Output Voltage Setting
LiPo Cells < 5.5V 6V 7V 8V 9V 10 & 11V 12V
8S-14S 15A 14A 13A 12A 11A 10A 9A
4S-6S 14A 13A 12A 12A 11A 10A 9A
3S 13A 12A 11A 11A 10A - -
2S 12A 11A 11A - - - -

2. Adjustable Output Voltage may be set with Castle Link (sold separately).
3.Weight with full length wires, power wires may be shortened to save weight depending on application.

Header Card Instructions

Tech Note: Do not connect 3-wire lead (brown/red/orange) to the bind port on Spektrum receivers. This can cause some Spektrum receivers to go into bind mode. You can connect the 2-wire (black/red) to the bind port.

The CC BEC 2.0 complements our established line of BECs hobbyists have relied on for years. With hundreds of thousands in the field, users can count on this new design to power today’s high-power, digital servos and accessories safely. The CC BEC 2.0 features heavy duty, dual output wires that will provide clean power to sensitive radio equipment. Castle Link2 can be used to set the output from 4.75 to 12 volts and power today’s power hungry servos, cameras, and other accessories. Do it right the first time, invest in the CC BEC 2.0 to protect expensive electronics for the long haul.

Note: CC BEC 2.0 should never be operated in series or parallel with another BEC or backup receiver pack connected to the RX/Servo side of the circuit.

1. Adjustable Output Voltage may be set with Castle Link (sold separately).

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Dave Bumbeck From SPOKANE, Washington 99021
November 19, 2018
From David Bumbeck , member of Inland Northwest Scale Crawlers and owner of 46 RC Land Based Rc's. The CC BEC 2.0 WP Voltage Regulator is one of the most critical upgrades that you can get for your RC Rig. It is absolutely the ticket for power hungry servos!! Night and Day difference! My story is about one of my favorite RTR rigs, the Losi Rock Rey. It comes with a wicked strong brushless motor/esc set-up. I burned out the factory steering servo and replaced it with a Savox 1210sg waterproof version. It cranks out 277.7 oz-in of torque at 6.0 volts and 444.4 oz-in at 7.4 volts. After I initially installed it I thought maybe I screwed something up or the servo was faulty(not likely with a Savox), because when I turned hard, at low speeds, especially, the rig seemed to stutter or glitch pretty badly. After rechecking my install my research led to this BEC. It is very unique in the BEC World, offering many advantages to the other available BEC'S in the market.
After installing the Castle (CC) Bec 2.0, which was easy, I was completely blown away with the results. No more stuttering, stammering, etc AND my SAVOX steering servo had way more power than before. I don't compete in U4 Rock Races, but this baby is up to the task!
After this experience I've installed the CC BEC 2.0 in a number of my rigs. Any RC Rig I have that demands performance, gets one, period! It's been installed for over a year now with zero issues. I highly recommend this product to anyone who really wants their expensive power hungry steering servo to perform at it's peak, they'd be silly not to. I'm a member of INWSC, Inland Northwest Scale Crawlers, and when newbies join we want them to stay. Part of enjoying this hobby is to be relatively free of problems on the trail or rocks, this CC Bec 2.0 is a sure way to building confidence in working on their rig it's such an easy install and no more guessing at what kind of voltage their servo is getting and no more problems with inadequate juice when you need it.
Thank you Castle Creations and Amain Hobbies.
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David Bumbeck From United States
Castle CC BEC 2.0 WP- Situation Solved
February 18, 2018
I own a Losi Rock Rey, and love it's power and flexibility to crawl and Rock Race. The only drawback was the servo strength, especially when steering/wrangling through baseball and softball sized rocks as encountered in U4 Racing. The SAVOX 1210SG WP for the bill, but I still struggled getting my Rock Rey to power through the bigger rocks. I installed the Castle CC NEC 2.0 WP and the Castle PC interface software, where I dialed the Castle BEC up to 7.4volts to take full advantage of the SAVOX servos power. Now, at low or high speeds my Rock Rey goes exactly where I point it. Rocks of almost any size are no match for my rig, as it tosses them out of the way on its way to Victory. Situation Solved by Castle.
21 of 27 people found this review helpful
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