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Castle Tech Support

We are here for you! Many times you can find your answer in our new support center.  But if not, give us a call or send us a note.

Monday-Friday 9am-4pm CST

Phone: (913) 390-6939 Option #1

Online Support Center: Click here

If you have a technical question, please email us here:  Technical Support.

If you have a repair or warranty claim, please visit our Warranty and Service Page.

Note to customers regarding e-mails:

We welcome your e-mails and we strive to respond to all that we receive as quickly as possible. We have noted that some customers simply do not receive our replies. Please do not assume that we are ignoring you! Many internet service providers employ forms of e-mail SPAM protection that may inadvertently block our replies to you.

We have set up an auto-responder to reply immediately to new messages sent to our technical support team. This e-mail will indicate the estimated time for our personal reply to you. IF YOU DON’T RECEIVE THE AUTO-REPLY, YOU WILL LIKELY NOT RECEIVE THE PERSONAL E-MAIL EITHER. Please call us directly for technical support. We are here to help!