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Mamba Monster X Extreme 1:8 Scale ESC
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Mamba Monster X Extreme 1:8 Scale ESC

Product #: 010-0145-00

UPC code:819326010989

Putting the X in Extreme!

Mamba Monster X is our latest 1:8 scale and Monster truck controller capable of 2S - 6S LiPo, with an 8 amp peak BEC - and, it’s waterproof*, so you can run your vehicle through morning dew, across soggy snow, or a muddy trail. This is the perfect upgrade for 1:8 scale buggies, truggies and on-road vehicles as well as 1:10 scale monster trucks weighing up to 15 lbs with our Neu-Castle 1515 2200kv motor. It also comes standard with a highly efficient, 30mm ESC cooling fan. Mamba Monster X also features updated Audible Alerts that will notify you of possible issues with calibrations and error conditions to help diagnose problems in the field.

New Firmware Available! Version 2.02 offers improved low speed control, stronger drag brake, new Aux Wire Mode "Crawler/Rock Race", and MUCH more. Check out all of the changes here and be sure to update your new Mamba X via the Castle Link!

The Auxiliary Advantage.

Mamba Monster X features the addition of a new, programmable Auxiliary Wire that allows you to make an “on-the-go” adjustment. Choose from several settings such as torque control, max throttle, or drag brake to fine-tune the performance of your ESC right from the transmitter using an auxiliary channel on the receiver. The AUX wire function is disabled by default but is programmable via Castle Link. Once you have programmed the functionality of the AUX wire, that setting can then be adjusted on-the-go from a compatible transmitter.

Sensored Motor Capable
Mamba Monster X can also be configured to run sensored brushless motors with the included Sensor Harness (standard sensor wire not included). This sensored-motor capability opens up a whole new segment of R/C enthusiasts who will now get to experience a Mamba Monster X-equipped racer, rock racer, or rock crawler.

Data Logging
Mamba Monster X can capture and record performance data from your last couple of runs, commonly referred to as data logging. This data can be downloaded via the Castle Link USB programmer; you can use the QuickConnect Duo (sold separately) to allow you to quickly access the ESC's receiver wire without having to disconnect from your receiver. You can then analyze this data and make adjustments to the ESC to maximize both performance and battery life.

Telemetry Capability
Mamba Monster X is telemetry ready, which means owners of the Futaba T4PX Transmitters will be able to purchase the Castle Creations Telemetry Link for S.BUS2. Real-time data such as ESC temperature, voltages and RPM can be monitored to ensure performance advantages and spare you the “unknown” parameters that all R/C enthusiasts experience at some point. Telemetry data provides another level of protection and can increase performance.

*Not intended for operation while submerged in liquid. If unit is operated in wet conditions, rinse with fresh water to remove dirt or corrosives, then fully dry unit.

MEGA MONSTER sale price includes a 20% coupon (in your shipment)  for a future purchase made at from JAN 1, 2019 to MARCH 31, 2019.
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  • Waterproof : Yes
  • Telemetry Capable : Yes
  • Data Logging : Yes
  • Auxiliary Wire : Yes
  • Minimum Input Voltage : 2S
  • Maximum Input Voltage : 6S
  • Sensored Capable : Yes
  • Recon G6 Certified ESC : No
  • ROAR Certified ESC : No
    • EA
  • Availability: This item is in stock.

Castle Link Compatible
With the Castle Link USB Programming Kit you can use your Windows™ PC to easily program your controller. Adjustable settings include:

  • Throttle
  • Braking curve
  • Drag brake
  • Auto LiPo cutoff
  • Punch Control
  • Reverse Type
  • Motor Type

Additional Castle Link benefits include:

  • Access to all firmware updates, including added features sets released from Castle Engineering, at no charge.
  • Intuitive Demo Mode capability
  • Download and view data logs using the built-in Graph Viewer
  • Ability to save setup profiles for later use
Technical Specs
Input Voltage Range: MIN: 2S LiPo
MAX: 6S LiPo (25.2V)
BEC Specifications: Adjustable: 5.5V, 6.0V, 7.5V. or 8.0V (8A Peak), default 5.5V
Operating Environment: Waterproof* design allows for use in nearly any environment.
Brake: Proportional
Reversible: Yes, but may be disabled for racing.
On/Off Switch: Yes
Cooling Fan: Yes, factory equipped (30mm), fully removable** (see Product Use Statements below)
Size: Length: 2.09" (53mm)
Width: 1.93" (49mm)
Height: 1.44" (36.4mm)
Weight (with no battery connector): 3.92 oz. (111.g)
Connectors: 6.5mm female bullets for motor connection.
Items Needed for Operation: Battery Connector required, 6.5mm Castle Connectors are recommended.
Product Use Statements:
*Although Mamba Monster X and Castle brushless motors are waterproof, they are not intended for operation while completely submerged in liquid. They can corrode   when exposed to corrosive materials, such as salt water. Always rinse the ESC and motor with clean water after exposure to corrosives or dirt. While the motor and controller may be waterproof, we suggest users confirm that the rest of their vehicle, including the batteries, servos, radio and chassis are also waterproof before exposing them to liquids of any kind.

**The cooling fan must be removed prior to driving in wet conditions. It is not waterproof.
Application Guidelines: Intended for up to 6S (25.2 Volt) operation in vehicles weighing less than 15 lbs, with batteries, ready-to-run.
Recommended Motors: Neu-Castle 1512 1800/2650Kv: Max Cells: 4S Lipo or 12 NiMH
Neu-Castle 1515 2200Kv: Max Cells: 6S Lipo or 16 NiMH
Max. Recommended Vehicle Weight: Less than 15 lbs, with batteries, ready-to-run with 2200kv motor; no more than 9 lbs with 1800/2650kv motor
Programmability: Fully programmable Castle feature set using Castle Link USB adapter (coupon for free Link included) and freely downloadable Castle Link Windows software, or the Castle Link iOS App and a B-LINK Bluetooth Adapter (sold separately).
Telemetry Link Capable: Yes
Tech Notes:
  1. Mamba Monster X setups frequently hit 100+ amps in peaks and not all LiPos are created equal. Surge ratings should never be used to determine a pack's suitability for a brushless application. Recommended battery capacity for 1:8th scale vehicles is 5000mAh. We recommend using 30C continuous discharge or higher LiPo batteries (or high quality 25C batteries such as Traxxas® Power Cell).
  2. Our experience  suggests using only mild gear ratios with NiMH cells. Do not attempt to use NiMH cells in extreme setups.
  3. Applying voltages higher than 25.2V will cause irreparable damage to ESC.
  4. We recommend a high-current connector designed for high-powered electric systems, rated for 70+ amps. Invest in connector sets made for high-powered electric systems such as our CCBULLET 6.5mm, Castle 6.5mm Polarized Connectors, Traxxas® Power Connectors, FlightPower Star™ Plug, or Deans® Ultra Plugs

Monster X Driver's Ed Guide Monster X Quick Start Guide

Castle Creations, Inc. warrants this product to be free from manufacturing defects for a period of one year from date of purchase.

This is a high power product with the potential to be very dangerous. Please read the safety information before use. This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and or birth defects or other reproductive harm.

U.S. Patent # 7400103, 7492122, 7579796, 7740516, 8287328, 8678875, and 8905814 B2 - Other patents pending.

Controller designed, and circuit boards manufactured, in Olathe, Kansas USA.
Controller assembled in Olathe, Kansas USA.

Average rating:
(Based on 14 vote(s))
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jjl1 From United States
Well designed ESC
February 25, 2017
I waited a long time to get a sensored ESC from Castle but reliability issues with other vendors pushed me to try the Monster X. It is a very compact unit that fit well into My Tekno EB48.3. It's an 8th scale buggy but there isn't much room for electronics. One of the features that allowed this ESC to fit is that all the wires come out the top of the ESC. I had trouble with other systems that had the receiver lead or on/off switch lead protruding from the side of the ESC because the limited space caused the wires to wear against the chassis or other components in the buggy while taking jumps and racing incidents. This caused DNFs and in some cases irreparable damage to the ESC. Not a problem with the Monster, just get a new low cost harness and swap it out in less time than it would take to heat up your soldering iron.
The BEC is also a great improvement. With some of the other ESCs I have used, I needed an external capacitor or BEC to handle the high torque servos required for 8th scale racing; The Monster handles it without a glitch!
Other features like the Aux line that I use to turn on/off reverse with the touch of a button on my radio makes it easy to turn off reverse when racing. And data logging, Castle link and all the other things that are built into this ESC make it a winner in my book. In fact the only negative I have found with this ESC is that the label on the bottom of the case is too slick to use double sided tape to hold the ESC to the mounting tray in my buggy. I tried a number of types of tape and none of them worked. No matter what I tried the ESC would come lose. Finally a friend of mine suggested using "Shoe Goo" and that did the trick. I think Castle should and this suggestion to the manual.
If you haven't tried this ESC you owe it to yourself to give it a shot.
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