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Castle Serial Link

Product #: 010-0121-00

UPC code:819326010569

The Serial Link device will allow you to communicate with Castle ESCs through the Castle Link Live protocol. This allows access to real time telemetry feedback from the ESC.

The device is capable of communicating through several serial protocols (e.g. TTL Serial, I2C, SPI). The serial protocols allow you to control the connected ESC's throttle level in real time while reading current operating conditions such as battery voltage and motor RPM. The device also has the ability to be controlled through an analog input, or can be used in a pass-through mode. The pass-through modes allow the Serial Link to receive the throttle signal from either an Analog or PPM input, and still allow an TTL Serial or I2C connection to pull real time data from the ESC.

Click for more information about Castle Link Live

Click for a detailed specification on Serial Link

Disclaimer: This product is for advanced users only. It requires extensive knowledge in signal decoding and interpretation, script writing, and debugging. Due to the advanced nature of this product, and its intended usage, Castle Creations cannot provide after sales technical support. All provided documentation is the extent of the information available on this product. While our tech support team is the best in the business, they are not engineers and this product is outside of their support purview. If you do not accept the lack of support, please do not purchase this product.

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010-0121-00 This item is in stock. EA
Serial Link Specs
Dimensions and Weight
Width: 1.31" (33.3mm) Length: 0.72" (12.8mm) Depth: 0.18" (4.7mm)
Serial Link Communication Protocol

Castle Creations, Inc. warrants this product to be free from manufacturing defects for a period of one year in RC hobby applications. Contact Castle for information on commercial warranty provisions.

Designed in Kansas. Assembled in the U.S., China and/or Mexico.

Basic Specifications
  • Output Modes
    • Castle Link Live Protocol
      • Real time telemetry feedback
      • 1.0 ms to 2.0 ms throttle signal
      • 100 Hz throttle refresh rate
    • PPM (Hobby Signal)
      • 1.0 ms to 2.0 ms
      • 50, 100, 200, or 400 Hz throttle refresh rate
  • Input Modes
    • TTL Serial
      • Device ID (0 to 63)
      • Baud Rate (1200 to 230400 baud)
    • I2C
      • 7bit I2C Slave Address (8 to 71)
      • I2C Frequency (10 kHz to 400 kHz)
    • SPI
      • Device ID (0 to 63)
      • SPI Frequency (125 kHz to 500 kHz)
    • Analog
      • Port (A, B, C, or D)
      • Range
        • Normal (0V to 5V -> 1.0ms to 2.0ms throttle)
        • Inverted (0V to 5V -> 2.0ms to 1.0ms throttle)
        • Lower Half (0V to 5V -> 1.0ms to 1.5ms throttle)
        • Upper Half (0V to 5V -> 1.5ms to 2.0ms throttle)
        • Lower Half Inverted (0V to 5V -> 1.5ms to 1.0ms throttle)
        • Upper Half Inverted (0V to 5V -> 2.0ms to 1.5ms throttle)
  • Combination Input Modes
    • TTL Serial (with Analog Input)
      • TTL Serial for real time telemetry feedback
      • Analog for throttle control
    • I2C (with Analog input)
      • I2C for real time telemetry feedback
      • Analog for throttle control
    • TTL Serial (with PPM Input)
      • TTL Serial for real time telemetry feedback
      • PPM for throttle control
    • I2C (with PPM Input)
      • I2C for real time telemetry feedback
      • PPM for throttle control

The pass-through modes allow the user to control the throttle level using a receiver or manual control using a potentiometer. These modes will allow the user to read the real time telemetry feedback from the ESC if Link Live mode is enabled. 

Example Applications

  • Computer control with telemetry feedback of a Castle ESC
  • Embedded control with telemetry feedback of a Castle ESC
  • Wireless* control with telemetry feedback of a Castle ESC
  • Analog control of a Castle ESC
  • Pass through operation to an external data logging device

*External wireless module required.

Castle Link Compatible
With the Castle Link USB Programming kit you can use your Windows™ PC to easily program your controller. Castle Link includes all code for all Castle Link compatible hobby products in one convenient download. Note: Castle Link software requires a Castle Link USB Adapter and a computer that is running Windows. Castle Link is compatible with Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and Windows 11. Macintosh users may take advantage of software such as Parallels Desktop, VMware Fusion, or Apple's Boot Camp along with Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 or Windows 11 to run the Castle Link software, provided the Macintosh has an Intel processor. Macintosh installation is not supported by Castle Creations.

Additional Castle Link benefits include:

  • Access expanded programming and parameters for Castle controllers (see overview below) 
  • Access to all firmware updates, including added features sets released from Castle Engineering, at no charge.
  • Intuitive Demo Mode capability
  • Ability to default ESC to factory settings
  • Ability to save setup profiles for later use
  • Ability to download and view data logs (on applicable controllers)

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