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Service Advisory 2013-01: Inspection and Corrective Action Notice

June 11, 2013

This advisory applies to the following controllers:

Phoenix Edge HV160
Only affects the following builds:

It has come to our attention that some of these ESCs which shipped during April and May of 2013 may experience failures due to the control board becoming unseated from the power board.

The units affected will have a label on the receiver wire that includes the build number. The build number is listed in a format like "C10545:XX", please ignore the "XX" portion of the code. If the build number on your controller is not listed above, then your controller is not affected.

Castle uses a piece of silicone-rubber foam to maintain a slight compression of the connector between the two printed circuit boards. In a few instances, this small silicone-rubber foam piece was placed in an incorrect location preventing it from doing its job.

We therefore ask that you perform the following quick inspection and possible corrective action before you attempt to power the controllers for any reason.


The orange silicone-rubber foam should be located on the smaller circuit board directly over the receiver wires. The double wall on the bottom case should compress the foam.

In the affected controllers the orange silicone-rubber foam is placed too far inside the case preventing the plastic wall from compressing the foam.

In order to check for proper alignment please proceed with the steps below.


Remove the four screws from the top of the case.


Flip controller on its back.


Lift the bottom plastic shell and check that there is a small piece of foam seated on the smaller control board at the point where the throttle lead is soldered to the board.

If the foam is not in the exact location shown in the image, please move the foam to this location.

Now, replace the plastic cover and re-install the screws. Please take care to tighten the screws only to the point that they are snug.

(Do not over tighten!)

* If you need a new piece of foam, new plastic case pieces, or screws as a result of this advisory please contact the Castle repair department directly via email at kEncEmailsfqbjstAdbtumfdsfbujpot/dpn. Please mention "Service Advisory 2013-01" in your email's subject line.

* Affected controller may also be sent to Castle directly for placement of the foam. Please use our repair/warranty form on our website.