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Service Advisory 2012-01: Inspection and Corrective Action Notice

May 11, 2012

This advisory applies to the following controllers:

Phoenix Ice2 HV160Phoenix Ice 200Hydra Ice 240
Mamba XL2Hydra Ice2 HV 200 

It has come to our attention that some of these ESCs which shipped since the August 2011 recall on the ICE HV, Mamba XL and Hydra Ice may experience failures due to the control board becoming unseated from the power board.

The controllers listed above were built using two different plastic shell assemblies over the course of their production. Castle originally used two end caps that were snap fit around the heat sink halves and held in place with adhesive labels. We switched to a newer plastic shell that was held together by four screws. The type of plastic shell used dictates the means of retaining the controllers' control board in its socket on the power board.

As we made every effort to repair and return the exact controllers that we received in response to our August 2011 recall, units shipped back to customers may use either plastic assembly.

Castle has an easy to install means of ensuring the control board stays seated in the units built with the clamshell design; installation of a small piece of silicone-rubber foam to maintain a slight compression of the boards.

All controllers made and shipped during the period of August 2011 to May 10, 2012 will likely have the clamshell design without the foam keeper in place.

We therefore ask that you perform the following quick inspection and possible corrective action before you attempt to power the controllers for any reason.

DescriptionPlastic DesignInspection Requirement
Original plastic endcapssa1201-01

All controllers using these end caps have heat shrink material installed to retain the control board. No further action is necessary.

If the controller has not been sent in to Castle as part of the August 2011 recall, please do so immediately.

Plastic clamshells with 4 screws shipped since May 10, 2012sa1201-02

Look for a red paint dot on the bottom of the plastic housing between the red and black power wires.

If there is a red dot, your control board is secured properly and no further action is required.

If there is no red dot, proceed to next step.

All ESCs with Rx wire tag have foam securely installed.

Plastic clamshells with 4 screws and no red dot on bottom of case between the power wires. sa1201-05Remove the four screws and then flip controller on its back.

Lift bottom plastic shell and check that there is either heat shrink or a small piece of foam seated on the smaller control board at the point where the throttle lead is soldered to the board.

If your controller has neither the compression foam nor the heat shrink, contact Castle for a free strip of silicone – rubber foam suitable for keeping the control board seated under extreme conditions.

Go to our service advisory page and complete the order form for the free foam kit.*

Should you choose to reinstall the plastic shell while awaiting the foam kit, please take care to tighten the screws only to the point that they are snug.

Please note that this only affects the following controllers::

Phoenix Ice2 HV160Phoenix Ice 200Hydra Ice 240
Mamba XL2Hydra Ice2 HV 200 

All others use different heat sinks and plastic assemblies with closer tolerances to secure the control board to the power board.


Click on the email link below and provide your shipping and product info in the e-mail.


*Affected controller may also be sent to Castle directly for placement of the foam. Please use our repair/warranty form on our website.