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Service Advisory 2010-02: Phoenix Ice and Ice HV ESC Heatsink Adhesive

Advisory applies to: Castle Phoenix Ice HV 60, Phoenix Ice HV 80, Phoenix Ice 75 and Phoenix Ice 100 amp ESCs


The extruded aluminum heatsinks used on the Castle Phoenix Ice HV 60 and HV 80 amps ESCs and the Phoenix Ice 75 and 100 amp ESCs are bonded to the circuit board with a special adhesive. We have experienced some ESCs with inconsistent bonds. Poor bond quality may result in intermittent operation or failure of the controller. Castle therefore advises all users of the listed controllers to check the bond status of Phoenix Ice HV 60, HV 80, Phoenix Ice 75 and Phoenix Ice 100 ESC heatsinks using the following simple procedure.


  1. Disconnect ESC from all power sources.
  2. Observe ESC from the side such that you can see the join line of the two heatsink halves as shown in the following photo.
  3. Use (only) your hands to wiggle the two extrusions while pulling them apart. There is no reason to use any sort of tool to pry the heatsinks apart.

a. If the heatsink halves are not firmly bound together: the controller should be removed from service immediately and sent to Castle for repair using the procedure described below.. There are no charges for these repairs.

b. If the heatsink halves are firmly bound to each other: the ESC is cleared for operation assuming that there is no other damage to the controller.

Repair Procedure:
To send your ESC in for repair, click here and following these steps.

  1. Enter your information.
  2. Print the order confirmation.
  3. Ship to Castle via a traceable delivery service:

    Castle Creations, Inc.
    Attn: Repairs
    540 North Rogers Road
    Olathe, Kansas 66062

Please be sure to include a copy of the order confirmation in your package.

Castle Creations cannot be held responsible for lost or damaged shipments, or packages that do not arrive at Castle. Please be sure to properly package your item (putting your ESC in a white envelope and dropping it in the mailbox is not a good idea), and use adequate postage. Packages shipped with incorrect postage will be refused.

If you have any questions or would like to check the status of a repair please contact us at kEncEmailsfqbjstAdbtumfdsfbujpot/dpn.