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Phoenix Ice 200 and Phoenix Ice HV 160 Service Advisory


Posted June 8, 2010

Under certain circumstances, such as under heavy vibration or sharp G loading, the control boards on Castle Phoenix Ice 200 and Castle Phoenix Ice HV 160 controllers may become separated from the power board. All controllers manufactured after June 1, 2010, are built with a retaining ring to secure the control board to the power board. Castle recommends that the following fix be implemented on all such controllers sold prior to the factory fix.

1. Send controller back to Castle for immediate implementation of the fix.


2. Contact Castle directly for a servIce kit that contains the required shrink wrap and replacement labels such that you can make the modification without having to ship your controller to Castle.

Instructions to implement fix:
Start with controller that is disconnected from all power sources.
Make sure that you are well grounded such that you cannot impart a static discharge to the bare controller circuits.

  1. Remove the top and bottom labels from the controller.
  2. With labels removed, the grey plastic end caps are free to slide away from the controller body. Slide the end cap that covers the BATTERY (this side has the two large capacitors protruding from the cap) side of the controller off the power wire.
  3. Make sure that the smaller circuit board (the one with the throttle wire attached) is firmly pressed into the socket on the larger circuit board.
  4. Slip a piece of shrink tubing over the wires and then place it over the combined boards such that the edge of the shrink wrap is aligned with the green aluminum heat sink housing.
  5. Use a hot air gun to carefully heat the shrink tubing such that it contracts around the circuit boards.
  6. Replace grey plastic end caps.
  7. Replace controller labels to secure the end caps to the aluminum heat sink.

See our instructional video on how to perform the fix.

NOTE: this does NOT apply to the Phoenix Ice Lite controllers (Phoenix Ice Lite 200, and Phoenix Ice Lite HV 160) that use heat shrink to enclose the entire controller.