An ongoing supply chain disruption has affected our ability to manufacture the normal Mamba Micro X 2. The components which are unavailable pertain to the on board adjustable 2-amp BEC (battery eliminator circuit) feature. To continue producing this ESC, the internal BEC has been removed. An external 10-amp CC BEC (010-0004-00) is now included with the purchase of your Micro X2.

Installation instructions for 10-amp CC BEC.

While soldering your preferred battery connectors to the ESC's battery wires,
solder the BEC's battery wires to the same battery connector (see figure 1).

You can also solder the BEC wires directly to the side of the ESC's battery wires (see figure 2).

Connect brown/red/orange wire from BEC to any open channel on receiver (ex: #3, BEC, Battery).

Figure 1


Figure 2