This notice is for using the Castle 0808 brushless motors in the Arrma Granite GROM and Arrma Typhon GROM.

Please read fully before using 0808 series motors in these vehicles.

The 0808-4100kv and 0808-5300kv can be used on 2s only in these vehicles. The 0808-8200kv is not rated for these vehicles.
Use of 3s or the 8200kv in these vehicles will void your warranty.

Shaft failures:
We have received an abnormally high number of shaft failures on the 0808 motors in the Arrma GROM vehicles.
After investigation, the root cause is due to improper gear mesh.

The stock motor mount is only designed to work with a 16T pinion (stock size). 2mm bore, 16T pinions are rare and hard to find.
Most users are picking up a 17 or 18 tooth and using it with the stock motor mount.
This results in a tight gear mesh and excessive side load on the motor shaft; this leads to the shaft sheering off.

If you use a pinion other than a 16T, you must use the optional motor mount package (ARA320744)
Or you can use an aftermarket aluminum motor mount with a slide adjustment; but proper gear mesh (lash) must be set or the shaft will break.

Shaft failures due to excessive sideload (tight gear mesh) are not a manufacturing defect and as such not covered by the warranty.

Please use caution! Thanks!