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Thunderbird Firmware Revision History

Release Notes
Version NumberTypeRelease DateRelease Notes
  • Improved brake levels higher than 30%
  • Bug Fix: Corrected the Voltage Cutoff type options in stick programming
  • Adjusted the handling of Spool Up Speed to allow slower startups for scale heli's
  • Made improvements to motor tracking
  • Edge and Edge HV: Added BEC Voltage data logging support
  • Phoenix 35, 60, 80, 140: Bug fix: Fixed issues with voltage, current, and temperature cutoffs
  • Phoenix 35, 60, 80, 140: Bug fix: Fixed issues causing some controllers to not reach full power
  • Default settings are no longer present in controller. If settings are lost, unit will beep continuously. The prevents the possibility of erroneous settings being used. Please call tech support if this happens.
  • Increased power handling before loss of commutation on high inductance motors.
  • Reduction of the power jump from 99% throttle to 100% throttle.
  • Firmware further optimized to spread the CPU load. This should result in better timing at high electrical RPM's.
  • Throttle is increased quicker when motor is not starting well. This reduces the time some motors take to start under load.
  • Significant improvement of starting performance with outrunner type motors.
  • V3.24 Raised cutoff voltages by .1V to ensure compatibility with latest LiPo cells
  • Improvement: Governor mode will follow headspeed change rate during headspeed reductions as well as headspeed increases
  • Improvement: Reduced overshoot when approaching set rpm in governor mode
  • Improvement: Added additional per-cell cutoff values up to 4 volts
  • Addition: Added support for Phoenix ICE 150 and Phoenix ICE HV 120
  • Bug Fix: Rarely with certain motors and certain voltages cutoff voltage could fail to cut motor when running at 99% throttle, full throttle and lower partial throttles were not an issue.
  • Bug Fix: Setting brake to disabled via stick programming would cause Castle Link to report an invalid setting value (Setting worked when programmed via stick programming as well as Castle Link).
  • Bug Fix: Stick programming of motor timing would set timing higher than intended.
  • Bug Fix: Default value for Governor Gain was not set correctly.
  • No changes. Version changed to match Phoenix firmware for internal reasons.
  • No changes. Version changed to match Phoenix firmware for internal reasons.
  • Significant improvements in running high inductance outrunners, smoother response
  • Better timing accuracy, higher RPM operation possible
  • Bug fix. Hard Brake and Soft Brake were both set to Hard Brake
  • Bug fix. Stick programming brake enabled set controller to Hard Brake
  • First public release of Phoenix ICE controllers
  • Added 'Outrunner Mode' PWM Rate to Phoenix 35 and higher controllers
  • Improved the performance of motor startup
  • Changed governor mode behavior - the governor will no longer lock at low throttle outputs
  • New motor run routines and start routines for better starting behavior
  • Improved motor run routine for better performance on fast commutating outrunners
  • Added custom voltage cut-off support
  • Initial Thunderbird 36-54 software release
  • Initial release