Troubleshooting: Castle Link

If, when installing Castle Link on your computer, or opening the program after installation you get an error about a missing DLL file, download and install the following file which updates Microsoft dotnet:

dotnetfx.exe (23.1mb)

If, when opening Castle Link you get the error, 'Cannot Connect to Database' download and install the following file(s) which fixes database errors:

MDAC 2.8
MDAC 2.8 SP1

NOTE: You must choose "run" when offered the choice of "run" or "save" or it won't install.

I'm getting a .NET Framework error when attempting to install the Castle Link software, what is wrong?

Download Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 from Microsoft's website. If your computer does not support this version of .NET Framework download the latest version that does work.

Castle Link and Windows Vista

Castle Link is not officially supported on Windows Vista at this time, however, some customers have reported getting it to work by using the following method. For those using Windows Vista (32bit only, 64bit will not work), rather than hitting "run" and downloading/running the software, save the install file to your desktop. Right click on the install file that is on the desktop and choose "run as administrator". The Castle Link software should install properly after that.

If you need further assitance, please contact our Support Department.