Lead the Short Course Truck pack

Looking for a fully programmable ESC and motor combination that can leave other short course truck drivers in the dust? The Castle Sidewinder SCT Combo will get you to the finish line first.

The Castle Sidewinder SCT Edition Electronic Speed Controller (ESC) provides a 40% increase in power handling over our previous Sidewinder 1/10, but retains the same great Sidewinder affordability.

The Castle 4 pole 1410 1Y motor offers 50% more torque than Castle's great CM36 series motors of similar kV. This torquey, 2 cell race motor is perfect for 2 and 4 wheel drive short course trucks.

Looking for a great “basher” combination?

The Sidewinder SCT is also available with a Castle 1410 motor with a larger, more durable 5mm motor shaft. The 5mm shaft version for the 1410 1Y motor works with 32 pitch and Mod 1 gears and is great combination in the Losi 1/10 XXX-SCT and TEN short course trucks.

We know how hard you’re going to run this combination, that’s why we also included one of our Castle Motor Cooling Fans to help your truck keep its cool, even if the driver doesn’t.

The Sidewinder SCT is ready to run out of the box, but it is completely Castle Link™ compatible too – drivers can use their Castle Link and Windows PC to tune and tweak all their favorite settings such as brake and throttle curves, throttle response, drag brake and many other parameters that add up to an incredible RC driving experience.


  • 2WD SCT trucks on 2S (Traxxas Slash, Team Associated SC10, HPI Blitz, Losi XXX-SCT, etc.)
  • 4WD SCT trucks on 2S (Traxxas Slash 4x4, Losi Ten SCT-E, Team Associated SC10 4x4 SC10, ECX Torment, etc.)

Max recommended vehicle weight = 6.5 pounds.

Sidewinder SCT combo includes:

  • Sidewinder SCT Edition ESC
  • Castle 1410 1Y 3800 kV motor (choice of 3.2mm or 5mm shaft)
  • Castle Motor Cooling Fan

*Not intended for operation while submerged in liquid. If unit is operated in wet conditions, rinse with fresh water to remove dirt or corrosives, then fully dry unit.

Sidewinder SCT
Product Part # Price  

Sidewinder SCT/1410 1Y 3800KV motor with 3.2mm shaft combo

010-0123-00 $139.95
NOW $113.01
NOW $104.96
Sidewinder SCT/1410 1Y 3800KV motor with 5mm shaft combo 010-0123-01 $139.95
NOW $113.01
NOW $104.96
Sidewinder SCT Accessories
Product Part # Price  
Replacement Fan for Sidewinder SCT. Click for product info. 011-0085-00 $8.99
NOW $7.64
NOW $6.74

What others are saying about the Castle Sidewinder SCT Combo:

Customer Comments:
“The ESC is decent and is very programmable and the motor is great and has a lot of torque. I am using it in a 2WD Slash and it has just the right amount of power on 2s where it is fun but still controllable. Usually after a 2s 6500mah 70/140C LiPo geared 15/56 in about 70° F ambient temperature the motor stays around 135° F to 145° F and the ESC with the fan on stays around 125.

“Overall this combo is really good for the price and the 1410 motor has much more torque than the 1406 motors or the 2-pole Velineon. I would recommend this combo.”

Customer Comments:
“When I recently got a new ECX Circuit 4x4, the Sidewinder SCT was my first thought for a brushless setup for it. It fit perfectly in my ECX Circuit 4x4, right where the stock ESC fit. The motor wires are very long, so you'll have no problem mounting it anywhere in your truck. The fan fit on the motor just fine, and it all looks very nice.

I then used the Castle Field Link to program the ESC. I got it all set up, then went to test it out. Perfect. Exactly what I was expecting and looking for. The system has more than enough oomph to push the Circuit 4x4 up to great speeds with great acceleration. It's noticeably faster than the stock system was, even with the stock gearing. I'm not a speed demon - I like my brushless setups more for the adjustability on the ESC and the ease of maintenance. However, with this truck I did want more speed, and I got just that out of this combo.

After 15 minutes of running, the ESC and motor were both stone cold. No heat issues at all. There's plenty of room to gear up the truck with this system if I ever do want to go a bit more crazy with the speed.

Overall, I couldn't be happier. I've got a good quality Castle product that came at an affordable price that does everything that I wanted it to do. Highly, highly recommended.”

Customer Comments:
“It fit perfectly in my Rustler XL5. Lots of speed, makes it somewhat hard to control. Broke a steering rod the first day!”

Customer Comments:
“Runs cool and easy to install. I ran it with 16T to 26T pinion and 78 to 90 spur gears. This replaced the Titan motor in a 2WD Slash. It stays very cool - around 130° F.”

Customer Comments:
“I run this setup in an HPI Blitz SCT. The 3800kv motor is very torquey - almost too much for the Blitz when running higher C-rating 2S LiPo. Buy the "Castle Link setup" and do some adjusting to punch control. I would recommend this for any 2WD 1/10 RC.”

Customer Comments:
“I own this combo and use it in my 2WD SC10. The Castle Link gives you in-depth tuning to help you put down the power the 3800kV 4 pole motor puts out, which is more than enough for a 2WD SCT. Some say sensored motors are becoming the standard, but this system with the tuning capabilities and strong motor is still one I would recommend to basher and racer alike.”

Sidewinder SCT ESC Specs
Input voltage Controller and motor max 2S. Controller alone with motor of lower KV max = 3S.
Operating environment Waterproof* design allows for use in nearly any environment.
Brake Proportional
Reversible May be set with reverse lockout for racing.

L: 1.93" (49mm)
W: 1.48" (38mm)
H: 0.79" (20mm)

L: 53mm
Diameter: 36mm
ESC weight (with 127mm long battery wires and no battery connector) 1.96 oz
55.5 g
Motor weight: 8 oz. (227g)
Connector type: Motor connected to controller with 4mm bullets installed.

*Not intended for operation while submerged in liquid. If unit is operated in wet conditions, rinse with fresh water to remove dirt or corrosives, then fully dry unit.

Driver's Ed Guide (English) Driver's Ed Guide (German) Castle Motor Gearing Chart
What Castle ESC should I use with my Short Course Truck?
Controller Use in CORR truck? Comments
Sidewinder SCT YES Select applications. See below.
Sidewinder 3 NO Please use Sidewinder SCT, Mamba Max Pro, or Mamba Monster 2 instead.
Mamba Max Pro YES Select applications. See below.
Mamba Monster 2 YES Overkill - just the way we like it!
Additional Information
Vehicle Class
4WD SC Trucks (5-6.5lbs.)
Suggested Motors and Max Cells
1410 Series: 3800KV Max Cells: 2S Lipo or 6-7 NiMH
1415 Series: 2400KV Max Cells: 4S LiPo