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Castle Link Quick Connect & Quick Connect Duo

Experienced modelers go to great pains to tie down their servo and throttle leads, and some find unplugging a Castle controller from the receiver disrupts all their work. Many have asked for something like a Y connector that gives an open lead for easy Castle linking, but a traditional Y harness doesn't work when the other branch of the Y is connected to a receiver, the signal line must be disconnected from the receiver.

Castle Quick Connect and Quick Connect Duo do just that. They detect the presence of a Castle Link adapter on the free lead and switch the controller's signal line from the receiver to the Castle Link. Easy as that.

Follow the applicable Connection Diagram (found on the inside of the package or the link below) when connecting the Quick Connect or Quick Connect Duo. Don't forget to use the included piece of heat shrink tube to secure the ESC lead to the Quick Connect.

Quick Connect Duo supports all Castle Link capable ESCs but is designed specifically for use with Castle ESCs featuring AUX wire technology.

Note: Neither Quick Connect, nor Quick Connect Duo will work with the Field Programming Cards when used as a standalone programmer. It will ONLY work when using the Field Programming Card as a Castle Link adapter.

Quick Connect Specs
Quick Connect 010-0079-00 $14.95
NOW $12.07
NOW $11.21
Quick Connect Duo 010-0149-00 $18.95
NOW $15.30
NOW $14.21
Dimensions and Weight
Quick Connect: Weight: 0.25 oz (5.4g)

Wire length to CL:
13.77" (350mm)

Wire length to RX:
5.11 " (130mm)

Connector type: Universal
Quick Connect Duo: Weight: 0.52 oz (14.7g)

Wire length to CL:
11.81" (300mm)

Wire length to RX:
3.93" (100mm)

Wire length to AUX:
4.13" (105mm)

Connector type: Universal
Quick Connect Wiring Diagrams
Click an image to open a printable PDF file.

Castle Creations, Inc. warrants this product to be free from manufacturing defects for a period of one year in RC hobby applications. Contact Castle for information on commercial warranty provisions.

This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and or birth defects or other reproductive harm. Please don’t attempt to link yourself.

Product designed in Olathe, Kansas USA. Assembled in Mexico.