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Phoenix-35 Brushless Motor Control

Compact, yet powerful

Use the Phoenix-35 when you need more power from your medium sized motors, or are looking for the best brushless controller for your Corona, ECO 8, or Voyager heli. From 3-4 pound sport flyers to helicopters, the Phoenix-35 has the capability and smooth reliability you need.

The Phoenix-35 gives you the flexibility you've come to expect from Castle Creations controllers. With a total of 7 user-programmable features this speed control has it all!

User programmable features include:

  • Low-voltage cutoff - 4V, 5V, 6V, 7.2V, 9V, 12V
  • Over-Current Protection - 5 settings
  • Brake Type - 5 settings
  • Throttle Range - fixed/self-adjusting/governor
  • Timing Advance - 3 choices
  • Cutoff Type - hard or soft
  • Switching Frequency - 3 choices

Phoenix-35 ESC - Only $99.95

See the Phoenix User Guide (1mb PDF) for more details on programmable options.

All Castle Creations speed controls feature:
  • Battery Eliminator Circuit (BEC): eliminates receiver battery
  • Safe "Power On"
  • Microprocessor Controlled
  • Tough surface mount construction
  • Audible Arming Signal
  • Auto Motor cut-off with reset
  • Low torque "Soft Start": protects gear boxes and belt drives from shock
  • Smooth reverse exponential throttle
  • Self-calibrating endpoints: maximizes usable stick travel
  • Auto shut-down when signal is lost
  • Simple setup: no complicated switches
    or wiring
Part # PHX-35
Retail Price $99.95
Volts w/BEC 12.6 max
Volts NO BEC 19.2 max
Lipo Cells w/BEC 3S max
Lipo Cells NO BEC 5S max
NiCad or NiMh Cells w/BEC 12 max
NiCad or NiMh Cells NO BEC 16 max
Continuous 35 amps
Switching Rate Programmable
(12, 16, or 24 khz)
Resistance 0.0045 ohms
Brake Yes
Reversible Yes - change any two wires
Low Voltage
Size 0.95 x 1.72 x 0.4"
0.9 oz (24.5g)
Connector Type Universal