Limited Edition 26mm Motors with Mamba Micro Pro ESC

Check out these high quality 26mm motors! We build test samples for various projects; some go into production and some won’t. These are high performance 2 pole motors that perform incredibly well -- they are simply too hard to make in quantity. Here’s a great chance to get some top notch gear for your larger 1/18th scale applications.

The 26mm motors were designed with the heavier 1/18th scale vehicles in mind. These include vehicles like the Duratrax Vendetta, Vendetta ST, Mini-Quake, and  Losi Mini LST. These motors are not intended for the new 1/16th Traxxas Mini E-Revo and Mini Slash. They are available in 3 different kv's: 4600kv, 6800kv, and 9200kv. The 4600kv and 6800kv work well in off-road vehicles, the 9200kv is only recommend for on-road vehicles on 2s LiPo.

These motors deliver more power than our 20mm motors, so they’ll need a high powered controller and battery for best performance. We recommend that you pair them with the Mamba Micro Pro, our most powerful 1/18th scale controller.

Here are some of one of Castle factory driver Tim Mohr’s thoughts on these motors.

  1. Output shaft diameter requires the use of 10th scale pinions... some 18th scale consumers will not have these (although the increase in shaft size is certainly needed for durability reasons).
  2. Motor screw size is also tenth scale...
  3. The most common 10th scale pinions that an average consumer will find at a hobby shop are 48 pitch..... only one 18th scale platform uses 48 pitch- the X-Ray M18 series.... Associated and Losi 18th scalers use a very close to 48 pitch but metric spur.
  4. Bolt pattern on motor seemed good..... seemed to work well on every 18th scaler I have tried it on.....

Specific Model Fit Notes

Associated RC18 Series

  1. Not a drop in fit, but only very minor mods are required to make it fit...... only the holes in the motor mount need to be slightly enlarged (i did this with a hobby knife)
  2. Limited gearing choices due to motor diameter, 15 tooth fits and is the minimum size that will bolt up without modifications

Losi Mini-T

  1. Motor will not fit at all without major modifications...... motor diameter is simply too large to fit in tranny hole......

Losi Mini-LST

  1. Bolts up without modification
  2. Gearing choices extremely limited, as far as i can see, only a 15th tooth pinion will fit, no others fit without modification to truck

X-Ray M18 Series

  1. Bolts up without modification
  2. gearing choices slightly limited due to motor size

Initial Driving Data
Truck: X-Ray M18MT Pro
ESC: Mamba Micro Pro
Motor: Castle CM-26 6800 Kv
Gearing: 15 pinion/Stock Spur
Battery: MaxAmps 2S 1100mah Li-Co-O2
Track: Dirt Off-Road, smooth, low traction, small in overall size
Ambient Temp: 76 F
Speedo Temp after 5 minute race: 114 F
Motor Temp after 5 minute race: 126 F
Battery Temp after 5 minute race: 111 F
Motor Wire Temp after 5 minute race: 112 F
Motor Connector Temp after 5 minute race: 112 F

Initial Driving Impression of CM26 6800 Kv
I got in 5 packs of driving on the 26mm 6800 kv motor tonight....... it was installed in the X-Ray M18MT Pro, which is a relatively light and free wheeling 18th scale..... that truck will provide roughly the same load on a power system as the Associated RC18 Series (but a light load compared to Losi Mini-LST, Sportwerks Recoil. The 26mm felt like a much increased mid-range hit compared to a 20mm, which wasn't really a bad thing, as it made the motor "feel" significantly more "perky" than a 20mm, yet not much harder to control..... on high G jump faces, the 26mm felt like it "bogged" less than a 20mm, in fact, it felt like it never bogged under any circumstance on the track..... maybe it was just me or perhaps speedo settings, but it felt slightly smoother from half throttle and up, like slightly more linear power, less "pipey" feeling.

X-Ray M18MT Pro
I installed the 4600 kv 26mm motor in the X-Ray truck tonight...... the X-Ray has much more room for gearing changes than the Mini-LST and is geared significantly taller internally.... I went with 17 pinion/stock spur, and this yielded loads of power..... felt very fast, with loads of power from stump pulling low rpm, all the way up to the upper reaches of the rpm band.... once again I got the feeling the power felt slightly more "linear" than the 20mm I had been running.

X-Ray M18MT Pro Setup as tested by Tim Mohr
Battery: MaxAmps 2S 1100 mah LiCoO2
Gearing: 17 pin/stock spur
Speedo: Mamba Micro Pro
Motor: CC 26mm 4600 kv
Track: indoor carpet, on-road, medium in size
Typical motor temp after 5 minute race: 128 F
Typical speedo temp after 5 minute race: 108 F
Typical battery temp after 5 minute race: 105 F
Ambient temp: 83 F
roughly 630 mah consumer per 5 minute race

CM26 Motor Specs:
Shaft size: 1/8"
Diameter: 26mm
Length: 36.3mm
Weight: 3 oz (84g) with wires and connectors
Screw size: M3x0.5 Thread
Connector size: 3.5 bullet connectors

Click photos to enlarge

Photo 1: CM26mm 4600Kv motor mounted in a Losi Mini-LST, no modifications were needed to mount this motor in the Mini-LST. You will need an optional pinion gear with a 3.2mm bore. This motor will produce more than enough power to push the extra weight of this truck, while still acheiving respectable speeds. The 6800Kv will work, but will run a bit warmer and reduce your run times.

Photo 2: CM26 6800Kv motor mounted in an Associated RC18T with the stock heatsink motor mount. No modifications were necessary to mount the motor. This motor will put more strain on the vehicles drivetrain, so you may think about upgrading the differential and driveshafts. You will need an optional 48 pitch pinion gear with a 3.2mm bore.

Photo 3: Close-up view of the 26mm motor mounted in an RC18T using the stock motor mount. You can mount the pinion gear to the motor using the set screw, or reinforce it with green Loctite. The stock motor mount will bolt right to the 26mm motors and install without any modifications. You will need to use a 3.2mm bore, 48 pitch gear on these motors.

Photo 4: CM26mm 4600Kv motor mounted in an X-Ray M18MT Pro. This is the stock motor mount with no modifications necessary for mounting. You will need to use a pinion gear with a 3.2mm bore and the appropriate pitch. The drivetrain should be able to handle the power without any major problems.

CM26-4600kv Motor
ONLY $25.00
CM26-6800kv Motor
ONLY $25.00
CM26-9200kv Motor
ONLY $79.95
Mamba Micro Pro-CM26-4600kv Combo
ONLY $149.95
Mamba Micro Pro-CM26-6800kv Combo
ONLY $149.95
Mamba Micro Pro-CM26-9200kv Combo
ONLY $149.95


Driver's Ed Guide (English) Driver's Ed Guide (German) Castle Motor Gearing Chart

CM26 motors were designed in Kansas and manufactured in China. Mamba Micro Pro controller was designed and manufactured in Olathe, Kansas, using components sourced globally. Product labels and images may not match those on this website. Specifications subject to change without notice.