Mamba Max Pro 1/10th Sensored & Sensorless ESC: Castle is Ready to ROAR

Castle, the leader in brushless technology for RC cars, is pleased to announce the release of our new Mamba Max Pro brushless ESC featuring SMARTSENSE™ operation. SMARTSENSE brings the best of sensored and sensorless ESC together to create the ideal controller for serious 1/10th scale enthusiasts. Operating at up to 6S, Mamba Max Pro can handle nearly twice the power of the market standard Mamba Max!

Castle Builds A Sensored Controller?
Hey, we’re never going to just go with the flow, so we’ve built the best of both worlds into the new controller.

OK, now I’m confused. Is Sensored better than Sensorless?
The answer is that for most users, Sensorless operation is still better.

Some guys do need sensored operation, mainly because the racing world’s rules require it, but also because it can offer slightly better start up and braking performance. Mamba Max Pro offers the ultimate in flexibility: use it with all your 1/10th motors, sensored or sensorless!

I’m over the shock of the sensor port. Tell me what else you’ve packed into the Mamba Max Pro.

Castle Creations, Inc. warrants this product to be free from manufacturing defects for a period of one year from date of purchase.

Now available: Mamba Max Pro Replacement Case with Fan

Need to open the Mamba Max Pro case? Here's how.

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Mamba Max Pro Specs
Price: ESC: $149.99
NOW $121.12
NOW $114.77
Combo with 1406 motor: $229.99
NOW $185.72
NOW $175.99
Cells: 6s LiPo
Brake: Proportional with adjustable curve
Reversible: Yes - with lockout
Low Voltage Cutoff: Programmable
Size: L: 1.84” (46.85mm)
W: 1.46”(37.2mm)
H: 1.25” (31.96mm)
Weight w/wires: 81g (2.8 oz)
Connector: 4mm bullet

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Mamba Max Pro ESC are designed and manufactured in Olathe, Kansas, using components sourced globally. CM36 motors are made in China. Product labels and images may not match those on this website. Specifications subject to change without notice.