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Mamba Max 10th Scale Power System

The ONLY Brushless System To Own!

Are you SERIOUS about power or just into having SERIOUS FUN? We 've got you covered either way:

On the track, there are no second chances to take first place. You need power, yes, but a lot more control to make sure you're ahead of the pack at the finish line. Don't settle for a few "profiles" someone else made up, DESIGN YOUR OWN right on your PC with the included Castle Link PC programming software!

  • Infinitely adjustable throttle and brake curves
  • Punch Control to dial in the horsepower just where you want it
  • Brake Strength to keep you tracking straight under hard braking,
  • Drag Brake to help corner entries
  • Start Power for true and smooth launches
  • Cutoff voltage to keep your lipos happy
  • Timing Advance for that final tweak in performance

And when you've got it dialed in just right, you can save that settings file for the next time you're at that track!

Nothing else gives you this much power, but nothing else even comes CLOSE to giving you this much control. There are brushless ESCs, and then there are brushless ESCs made for competitive racers. The Castle Creations Mamba family of controllers are racer proven, and championship winning hardware for your race vehicle. Just ask Castle Creations Factory Team driver Tim Mohr - back-to-back 18th scale Nationals champion, and RC Pros Series Champion.

Just want some SERIOUS FUN?

The Mamba Max can take anything you can dish out! Practice pack after pack at your local track, or bash all day if you'd like (we're trying to be nice here)! Tired of having to use a fan, and STILL getting thermals? Not gonna happen with the Mamba Max! Durable construction combined with excess capability gives you an ESC that won't break a sweat even when you're tooling down your neighborhood at 50+mph!

Still a little leary of brushless technology? Think you may need some help decidng which combo you need, or just want a little advice about system setup? Give our world class technical support department a call or email, and interact with a REAL LIVE PERSON! We build the systems, we run the systems, and we get perma-smile just like you do when we light up the tires right here in Olathe, Kansas.

  • No brush maintenance
  • Insane speeds easily possible
  • Easy setup, easy to use.
  • Crazy long run times
  • No hassle installation

Need one last nudge towards deciding if this is the system for you? We recently overheard Castle Creations Factory Team driver Tim Mohr say this actual quote at a race: "I can't believe they are releasing this much power to the public!"

We think it'll be OK Tim, but we're a little scared too!

If you have a Castle Link and you're using version 3.04 or above see the Castle Driver's Ed User Guide. If you're using a version of Castle Link below 3.04, see the Mamba Max User Guide.

Need help troubleshooting your Mamba Max? Visit the Max section of our FAQ page.

Crack your case while bashing? Get a replacement case.

Wanna see the Mamba Max in action? Checkout these videos courtesy of Magnus Vässmar at Autopartner RC:

NOTE: The Mamba Max Power System is NOT for use in 1/10th scale monster trucks.
Part # Mamba Max ESC ONLY:

4600 Package

5700 Package
010-0018-06 only $150.00

6900 Package

7700 Package

9000 Package

Cells 6-12 NiCad/NiMH
2-3s LiPo
Continuous 100 amps
Brake Proportional
Reversible Yes - with lockout
Low Voltage
Size ESC overall:
1.9 x 1.3 x 1.2"

1.4" dia. x 1.7"

2.5 oz (70.9 g)

7.0 oz (198.4g)

Connector Type Universal

NOTE: Mamba Max will work on 4 cell NiMH with modification. See a diagram of 4 cell operation modification here.

NOTE: Mamba Max is not compatible with Windows Vista 64bit.

Important Product info

Mamba Max is no longer available and has been replaced by Mamba Max Pro.

NOTE: Mamba Max 6900 & 7700 motors are limited to 8 cell NiMh/9.6 volt or 2 cell/7.4 volt lipo battery packs!

Check out the Mamba Max Tuning Guide for tuning and configuration info!
Questions about Mamba Max? Visit the 1/10th Scale FAQ page.