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Griffin-55M FAI Class Marine Control

Our highest amp brushed motor

The Griffin-55M marine controller comes set for pistol-radio throttle control (center off). Our unit comes waterproofed with a silicone conformal coating over the electronics prior to packaging to insure maximum protection. We know modelers who have run them in a bucket of water without a hitch!

See the Griffin-55M User Guide (164k PDF) for more details.

NOTE: This controller is forward only (no reverse).

All Castle Creations speed controls feature:
  • Battery Eliminator Circuit (BEC): eliminates receiver battery
  • Safe "Power On"
  • Microprocessor Controlled
  • Tough surface mount construction
  • Audible Arming Signal
  • Auto Motor cut-off with reset
  • Low torque "Soft Start": protects gear boxes and belt drives from shock
  • Smooth reverse exponential throttle
  • Self-calibrating endpoints: maximizes usable stick travel
  • Auto shut-down when signal is lost
  • Simple setup: no complicated switches
    or wiring

Part # G55M
Price $79.95
Cells w/BEC 5-10
Cells w/o BEC 5-16
Continuous 55 amps
Switching Rate 2,800 hz
Resistance 0.001 ohms
Brake No
Reversible No
Low Voltage
Size 1.4 x 0.6"
1 oz (28g)
Connector Type Universal