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CMS36-4600 Motor

540 size sensorless brushless for cars

The 4600Kv motor is great for short tight tracks where acceleration and torque rule the scene. On 6 cell NiMH or 2s Lipo packs, the 4600Kv motor has been clocked at 30mph in standard 10th scale buggies and trucks with standard gearing. With 3s lipo packs, you can expect 45mph for larger tracks. The 4600Kv motor is roughly equivalent in top speed to a very good 12t brushed motor on 6 cells.

Get even more out of your CM36 motor with the CC Blower fan shroud!

Driver's Ed Guide (English) Driver's Ed Guide (German) Castle Motor Gearing Chart
Part # CMS-4600
Input Voltage 12 NiCad/NiMh MAX
3s LiPo MAX
Size 1.4" dia. x 1.7"
7.0 oz (198.4g)
Shaft Size Standard 1/8" (3.2mm)
Bearings Oversize ABEC-1 front and rear
Connector Type 4mm gold connectors
Note Motor wires OK to shorten

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