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There's a saying in the Navy; it relates to freeing stuck nuts and bolts. If you can't get it free, get a bigger wrench. If that doesn't work, get a bigger machinists' mate.

Castle's engineers have been working on a system for 1/5 scale vehicles for several years. We could always make the 1/5 vehicles, like the Baja, go, but we were never satisfied that the systems would hold up to extended usage that these vehicles encounter. So we kept designing larger equipment.

The end result is the whopping Neu-Castle 2028. This motor can easily run in the 10 horsepower range, how much do you think that little G23 is putting out?

The motor is sealed for survival in the dust and dirt that Bajas call home.

The rotor is assembled from four individual magnets and the stator is a highly advanced slotted design made of the highest quality laminations.

The shaft is 8mm, no worries of breaking this shaft.

Have you ever seen a Baja doing 60mph? Be afraid, be very afraid. Then do it again.

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The Mamba XL 2 and 2028 motor are recommended and warrantied in vehicles weighing less than 25lbs for 4WD and 30lbs for 2WD. Any use outside of these recommendations may lead to an ESC or motor failure that is not covered by the manufacturer's warranty.

Driver's Ed Guide (English) Driver's Ed Guide (German)  
Neu-Castle 2028-780kv Motor Specs
Part # Retail Price: Length: Diameter w/fins: Shaft Size: Weight:
060-0028-00 $279.95


30mm long
44 oz.
Max RPM: KV Peak Efficiency: Controller Required: Motor Mount Spacing:
30,000 780 92% Sensorless only 30mm
Material Specs:
High quality Japanese sealed bearings, 4 pole neodymium magnets, super thin stator laminations using high quality steel.

Castle Creations, Inc. warrants this product to be free from manufacturing defects for a period of one year in RC hobby applications. Contact Castle for information on commercial warranty provisions.

Designed in Kansas. Assembled in China.