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Firmware Revision History - Mamba (includes Mamba 25, Mamba Micro Series, Mamba Max Series, Mamba Monster, and Mamba X Series)
Release Notes
Version Number Type Release Date Release Notes
1.78 Beta 07/12/16 Mamba XLX
  • Modified a protection feature to prevent power reduction during start in extreme setups.
1.77 Beta 07/01/16 Mamba Monster X
  • Modified a protection feature to prevent power reduction during start in extreme setups.
1.51 Beta 11/06/15
  • Bug Fix: Corrected low voltage cutoff in brushed mode
1.71 Beta 09/17/15
  • Improved performance during startup
1.70 Beta 08/18/15
  • Improved accuracy of Castle Link Live RPM output
1.66 Beta 08/01/15
  • Made improvements to the controller's top speed
1.65 Beta 07/29/15
  • Initial Mamba X Software
1.46 Beta 07/23/13
  • Bug fix: Controllers could lock users out of stick programing if voltage cutoff was set below the pack voltage.
1.45 Beta 05/28/13

Monster and Mamba Max Pro:

  • Significantly increased startup torque and the delay of power from start.
1.39 Beta 01/03/13
  • Bug fix: Output power could jump inappropriately when motor is having difficulty starting. Could result in ESC damage.
  • Bug Fix: Throttle glitch could cause excess stress on esc.
1.38 Beta 09/12/12
  • Minor changes to over temperature behavior.
1.33 Beta 03/30/12

The following changes were made for the Mamba Max Pro only:

  • Bug fix: Excessively limited motor start power at high input voltages (6S LiPo input)
  • Reliability Improvement: ESC could damage itself trying to start a motor with a stuck rotor. Added failed start timeout.
  • Reliability Improvement: Mamba Max Pro thermal limit would not always protect ESC. Fixed.
  • Reliability Improvement: Added further protection against flash corruption which can cause ESC to become unresponsive.
1.32 Beta 04/05/11
  • Changed default cutoff voltage to 3.2V per cell.
1.30 Beta 12/21/10
  • Fixed issue that would cause the Sidewinder SCT to reboot on startup
    Added support for Sidewinder V2
  • Improvements to motor startup
  • Improved stability of Castle Link connection
  • Added additional error checking to prevent flash corruption during firmware updates
1.29 Beta 08/12/10
  • Bug Fix: Mamba Max Pro ROAR spec class neutral LED flash did not work on V1.26/V1.27.
  • Bug Fix: Mamba Micro Pro/Sidewinder Micro did not go to full throttle
  • Bug Fix: Some controllers did not require the user to recenter the stick after an overtemp condition
  • Bug Fix: Improved startup performance for some applications. Reverted to parameters from firmware V1.26.
  • Bug Fix: Data logging ESC's could make an audible click during the log write cycle
  • Feature: RED led will flash if excessive voltage detected
1.28 Beta 07/21/10
  • Bug fix: Update using USB connectivity on Mamba Max could cause USB connectivity to fail
  • Bug fix: Mamba Monster V5 fan ran during link, could cause link issues on some PC's
  • Bug fix: Mamba green LED did not operate properly in some cases
  • Bug fix: Mamba Monster/Mamba Max Pro fan wouldn't operate properly while in neutral
1.27 Beta 07/19/10
  • New Feature: Torque control - limits the amount of torque applied to wheels during acceleration.
  • New Feature: Added Max Forward Throttle feature that limits the maximum power output to motor.
  • Addition: Added support for Mamba XL/Mamba XL HV/Hydra ICE/Hydra ICE HV with data logging.
1.26 Final 05/13/10

Mamba Max Pro / Mamba Max Pro One Cell ONLY:

  • Added support for ROAR spec class racing. Neutral LED flashes when controller is NOT running in CHEAT mode.
1.25 Final 02/12/10

Mamba Max Pro ONLY:

    • Bug fix: Sensorless start was rough at low speeds
1.24 Final 10/25/09
  • Fixed stick programming of brushed modes
  • Fixed max drag brake not working
  • Fixed punch control stick programming comming up invalid value
  • Fixed power limited takeoffs with very high roll-out vehicles in sensored mode
1.23 Beta 10/08/09

Mamba Max:

  • Added ability to program Mamba Max via the receiver cable with a Castle-Link device (instead of being required to plug the unit into a USB port)

Mamba Max Pro:

  • Increased the possible timing advance range for C.H.E.A.T. mode
  • Increased power output while in C.H.E.A.T. mode
1.22 Beta 08/03/09
  • First public release of Mamba Max Pro controllers
  • Improved the performance low-speed operation of sensor-less motors
1.21 Beta 05/07/09
  • Added ability to change the 'Auto-Lipo' cutoff voltages
  • Added ability to turn off the power-on reminder beep
  • Improved low speed operation, detects and escapes cogging better
  • Added ability to reverse motor direction by Castle Link software
  • Added Mamba Max Pro software
  • Bug fix: Rare instance where throttle was applied and controller would stay in idle
  • Bug fix: Audible power pulse in transition from throttle to drag brake
1.20 Final 10/21/08
  • Added a check for over-temperature condition (If unit over-temps it must cool down before restarting)
  • Added an alert for the user that an over-temperature situation has occurred. The controller will now flash the RED and YELLOW LEDs. Please consider changing your gear ratio or reducing the number of cells in order to prevent the controller from being stressed to a thermal shut down.
  • Added an alert for the user that that a low voltage situation has occurred. The controller will now flash the GREEN and YELLOW LEDs. Running your controller to low voltage cutoff may be hard on your batteries.
  • Mamba Monster starting parameters modified to resolve some premature failures.
  • Fixed bug that caused excessive current-draw during beeping. Under some circumstances this bug could lead to premature failure of Mamba Monster controllers.
1.19 Final 08/15/08
1.17 Final 01/22/08
  • Force a full re-arm after manual programming
  • Minor bug: setting drag brake via stick programming showed a custom value of 1% below the desired value on Castle Link
  • Minor bug: Loading and saving programming information to a file did not properly update calibration data
  • Added tone that repeats every ~20 seconds to let user know a battery is plugged in
1.16 Beta 01/21/08
  • New start algorithm vastly improves cogging, rolling backwards starts, and general throttle feel.
  • Added Throttle Dead Band adjustment
  • Added Arming Time adjustment. This is used so that spread spectrum receivers have time to synch before the unit becomes armed.
  • Added brushed motor support. See wiring diagram. NOTE! Ensure that the proper mode is selected on the ESC for your motor wiring, failure to do so will result in controller damage, and will NOT be covered under warranty!
  • Added calibration information to Castle Link display
  • Initial release for Sidewinder ESCs
1.09 Final 02/13/07
  • Fixed an issue that could cause an error counting the number of cells in Auto-Lipo mode
1.07 Beta 07/07/06
  • Mamba Max Initial release
1.06b Beta 01/07/08
  • Software updated to work with the new hardware design of the Mamba-25
1.04b Beta 01/12/06
  • Changed stick programming to match instructions
  • Fixed bug, unit would chime auto-lipo beeps even when auto-lipo was not enabled
1.03b Beta 11/30/05
  • Significantly Improved startup and low
  • RPM operation
  • Eliminated cogging in most setups
  • Added Drag Brake option with full variability
  • Added Punch Control to decrease off the line punch to aid in controllability
  • Separated brake and reverse throttle strength
  • Added ability to set brake and reverse throttle strength to any value between 0% and 100%
1.02b Beta 12/17/04
  • Improved start up
  • Improved low RPM operation
  • Reduced cogging
1.00b Beta 10/15/04
  • Initial release
  • Programmable throttle curve
  • Programmable brake curve